Beauty of a Burning Flame now live!

Beauty of a Burning Flame is book #2 in the Feathers and Flames trilogy. It continues to follow the journey of Ayden and Angel and their battle with the creatures of Hell. Book #3 will be released in 2022, date yet to be announced. Don’t forget to read book #1 if you haven’t and catch up before reading book #3. These books are direct continuations and cannot be read as standalones. Blurb is below.

He’s working with the Devil. They’re embracing devilish behavior to save the world.

Ayden is adjusting to his white wings while he and Angel have rings on their fingers. However, Angel must accept that even with her dreams coming true, she’ll never be able to have everything she wants. She is forever left longing for a child. Things are beginning to look up for these two, but that gets cut short by the looming darkness Liam is bringing.

Souls are being ripped from their vessels and it’s all due to the despair in Liam’s own life. He has Lucifer by his side, forcing Angel and Ayden to fight for their happy ending. With Liam paying special attention to them, all they can see is their blood staining his hands.

Hell’s army is being released on earth. The world is at risk of crumbling before their eyes. These newly weds will stop at nothing to return the creatures back to where they came from, even when it comes at the cost of their angelic morals.

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