To Believe Duology.

With darkness threatening to take over, Lili is on the treacherous path to becoming the next bloodthirsty ruler of Neverland. The struggle to resist her dark side becomes more difficult when her twin sister, Lia, arrives and is accepted instantly. In order to better her chances of saving Pan, Lili works to learn more about her adversary and the world she has come to know.

When Lili joins the dark side with Peter Pan, Lia makes it her top priority to save them both. Time is limited as the balance of Neverland continues to shift, threatening to disappear as the home to all its residents. There is only one way to truly save Lili and Pan, and Lia needs Pan’s help to do it. Lia just has to make sure she doesn’t lose her shadow in the process.

To Believe in Peter Pan (Book #1)