To Believe in Peter Pan is now available on Amazon!

The eBook and paperback are now available for purchase. This is book #1 of a duology to be completed in 2022. The series follows twin sisters as they fight to save Neverland from darkness that threatens to destroy the one place where children can escape from their families. Blurb is below.

With darkness threatening to take over, Lili is on the treacherous path to becoming the next bloodthirsty ruler of Neverland. This war began the moment she came face to face with the infamous Peter Pan. Determined to return him to the light, Lili becomes the first lost girl to prove Neverland can change for the better.

The struggle to resist her dark side becomes more difficult when her twin sister, Lia, arrives and is accepted instantly. In order to better her chances of saving Pan, Lili works to learn more about her adversary and the world she has come to know. She learns vital information about Pan and the magic other members possess, but only at the expense of her own strength. Can Lili save Pan without losing her shadow in the process or will her attraction to him drag her into the darkness forever?

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