Feathers and Flames Trilogy.

After Angel was murdered, she found a new purpose in her afterlife—mending her mistakes by becoming a guardian angel. Ayden is the embodiment of no good, and when his extreme recklessness results in a horrific car accident, he is finally sent his Angel to set him on the path to righteousness. When romantic feelings fester inside Angel, it proves to bring more harm to them both when fallen angels drag them to Hell. Angel has to free Ayden before his soul departs his body, damning him to Hell for eternity.

Ayden is still adjusting to his white wings as he and Angel put rings on each other’s fingers. Things are beginning to look up for these two, but that gets cut short by the looming darkness Liam is bringing. Souls are being ripped from their vessels, and now Liam has Lucifer by his side. Hell’s army is being released on earth. These newlyweds need to return the creatures back to where they came from, even if it comes at the cost of their angelic morals.

The demons are back where they belong, but the ones inside Angel’s head continue to overpower her sanity. But now she’s pregnant, and she and Ayden go to the Heavenly court for custody of their baby. Liam might not be able to physically reach them but his grip on their loves remains. Unfortunately for Ayden and Angel, Angel’s trauma proves to be a lot more of an obstacle than they thought. Maybe turning to her wicked origins after all just might be the answer to all of their troubles. A permanent love may hold them together by a thread, but love alone cannot win this war.

Beauty of a Crimson Soul (Book #1)
Beauty of a Burning Flame (Book #2)
Beauty of a Permanent Love (Book #3)