About the Author.

Monica Shantel currently works a full-time job outside of writing. She’s always had an interest in artistic and creative hobbies of sorts, including but not limited to: drawing, crafting, graphic design, and painting. 

Although all she has is a high school diploma under her belt, she is not new to the writing community. She began at the age of twelve through YouTube and continued on with Wattpad before pursuing self-publishing. She began building stories to escape reality and find hope in life once again. Since then, she spends most of her time writing, reading, and learning to hone her craft amongst other writers.

She’s always known fantasy romance was her genre. There was never a day where she questioned what she enjoyed, and her first ever book was titled: I’m Being Haunted by My Best Friend, or IMBHMBF. It was a paranormal story with some romance thrown in, but has since been scrapped for better ideas. She may revisit it someday.

Monica’s debut novel is Beauty of a Crimson Soul. Along the same genre, she writes dark tales of mythical romance which only add more to the ever growing fantasy worlds inside her head.