Book #1

Content Warnings: Violence, Topic of Suicide

After Angel was murdered, she found a new purpose in her afterlife—mending her mistakes by becoming a guardian angel. Following her first botched mission, she’s certain God won’t give her another soul to protect but that’s when she’s assigned Ayden Dyer.

Ayden is the embodiment of no good, and when his extreme recklessness results in a horrific car accident, he is finally sent his Angel to set him on the path to righteousness. While Angel struggles to save him, she starts to feel more for him than duty alone demands.

Her feelings prove to bring more harm to them both when the fallen angels that are desperate for Ayden’s soul drag them to Hell. Now that she can’t imagine her afterlife without him in it, the pressure is on Angel to free Ayden before his soul departs his mortal body so he won’t be stuck in Hell to burn for eternity.

Book #2

Content Warnings: Violence, Gore, Topic of Sexual Abuse

He’s working with the Devil. They’re embracing devilish behavior to save the world.

Ayden is adjusting to his white wings while he and Angel have rings on their fingers. However, Angel must accept that even with her dreams coming true, she’ll never be able to have everything she wants. She is forever left longing for a child. Things are beginning to look up for these two, but that gets cut short by the looming darkness Liam is bringing.

Souls are being ripped from their vessels and it’s all due to the despair in Liam’s own life. He has Lucifer by his side, forcing Angel and Ayden to fight for their happy ending. With Liam paying special attention to them, all they can see is their blood staining his hands.

Hell’s army is being released on earth. The world is at risk of crumbling before their eyes. These newly weds will stop at nothing to return the creatures back to where they came from, even when it comes at the cost of their angelic morals.

Book #3

Content Warnings: Violence, Attempted Suicide, Death of Baby

The demons are back where they belong, but the ones inside Angel’s head continue to overpower her sanity.

She’s fighting for control after the torture she endured in Hell. But now she’s pregnant, and she and Ayden go to the Heavenly court for custody of their baby.

New information surfaces about their case, information that may sway the decision in their favor. Liam might not be able to physically reach them but his grip on their loves remains. The woman he got pregnant owns the soul of Ayden and Angel’s child.

Unfortunately for Ayden and Angel, Angel’s trauma proves to be a lot more of an obstacle than they thought. The darkness is eating away at what good memories are left. Maybe turning to her wicked origins after all just might be the answer to all of their troubles. A permanent love may hold them together by a thread, but love alone cannot win this war.

Book #1

Content Warnings: Violence, Abuse

With darkness threatening to take over, Lili is on the treacherous path to becoming the next bloodthirsty ruler of Neverland. This war began the moment she came face to face with the infamous Peter Pan. Determined to return him to the light, Lili becomes the first lost girl to prove Neverland can change for the better.

The struggle to resist her dark side becomes more difficult when her twin sister, Lia, arrives and is accepted instantly. In order to better her chances of saving Pan, Lili works to learn more about her adversary and the world she has come to know. She learns vital information about Pan and the magic other members possess, but only at the expense of her own strength. Can Lili save Pan without losing her shadow in the process or will her attraction to him drag her into the darkness forever?

Book #2

Content Warnings: Violence

The war with the dark side becomes more personal for Lia when her twin sister becomes Pan’s new queen, just as evil if not more cruel. A harsh winter is taking its toll, changing Neverland; and Lia is the only one with the power to return the island to its natural state—if she can steal enough magic from Pan that is.

When Lia and Lili’s brother shows up in Neverland, Lia’s race against time is cut shorter. Adults cannot survive in Neverland for long, and their brother is decomposing alive. More nightmares begin haunting Lia when one resident attempts to murder her in her sleep. If she can fight the urge to give up and let Neverland swallow her whole, she can take down Pan and Lili for good.

Content Warnings: Violence, Topic of Abortion, Self-harm

To outsiders, Monstrum Asylum is nothing less than a normal psychiatric hospital, but when Nora arrives, she discovers it is not quite what it seems. Something far more sinister lurks in the darkness. And Nora’s new patients? They’re not human.

Nora Witlow calls Monstrum Asylum her new home after taking a job there as the new psychologist. Pretending everything is fine is not so easy when her past comes to haunt her—literally. The ghost in her life refuses to let her move on from the trauma of losing a loved one.

Things take a disturbing turn when she discovers the secrets her boss David hides from the world. Now she’s been given a choice between the doctors or her patients. If she picks the wrong side, her career will end in more bloodshed than what brought her to Monstrum in the first place.

Spencer Woods is a man of good and evil alike. He keeps his distance from Nora, yet doesn’t stray too far. Complications arise when Spencer’s infatuation with Nora grows, and his interest is peaked by the mysteries she holds. Against Nora’s wishes, the two team up to rid Nora of her ghost and solve both of their problems. The key they need to win the war will only come from letting the right person in.

Content Warnings: Bullying, Suicide, Violence

Mia was bred from bloodshed, but she refuses to associate herself with the violent lifestyle. Even after she spends seven years at the Academy of Naiad to learn more about herself and where she came from, she still can’t face the truth.

Dylan was Mia’s best friend throughout their childhood and when she discovers he still lives next door, she is eager to rekindle a friendship. Along the way, those feelings develop into something more and Mia fears she may not be able to keep her tail a secret forever.

She sets out of a journey to embrace herself, but she may be afraid of what the truth uncovers. However, if she can’t come to terms with being from the ocean, she may never get the happy ending she longs for.

Content Warnings: Violence, Non-explicit Sexual Assault

A pirate crew. A family of sirens. One path to choose.

When forced to marry a man she doesn’t love, Lucille joins a pirate crew as a boy to escape. The other secret she has to face daily is that she can see and speak to the dead, and all thanks to the ghost who haunts the Charmaine. She hopes to start a new life on the path she’s finally chosen for herself. Along the way, she learns the ropes of life on the sea and makes a few friends along the way. She just has to learn never to get too close.

Captain Oliver Shaw is a man of honor. Lucille Farrow starts to notice, too. She unwillingly wants to experience the forbidden romance every chance she gets. When pirates invade the ship and kidnap Lucille, the truth begins to unravel piece by piece. The entire crew comes to discover who she really is, and then things begin to take a turn for the worst.

Sirens attack one fateful night and the only hero is Lucille herself. All that’s left of her now is uncertainty as she’s forced to make choices that lead her away from the pirate life.

She has spent so much time running away, but now her past is catching up. As the events of curses, ghosts, and murder unfold, Lucille finds herself back where she started—on board the Charmaine with the captain. After getting a vision of a war that forces her past to collide with her present, she needs to confront what she’s put off long enough. Love, or hiding away from the world for the monster she’s become.

Content Warnings: Violence, Gore, Self-harm, Loss of Loved Ones

The Kaofi Hunters tell you that Kaofi are corrupted vermin in this world, but they don’t tell you that you can just as effortlessly fall in love with one.

Just like Mya does.

Mya was born a Hanti, or Kaofi Hunter. Adopted by a regular human. Raised normal. Given attainable expectations—none of which she meets. Then her abilities begin to show and she’s exposed to a whole world hidden from humans.

Eli was born a Kaofi, precisely a vampire. Taught to kill. Raised a gentleman. Shown the horrors of what hunters do to his kind. Except when he realizes not all hunters grow up with the same views does his world take a turn for the worst.

On that fateful night when Eli throws Mya against a wall in the alley, she’s ready to run and never look back. Until Eli turns out to be her upstairs neighbor… Now her focus lays on honing her new skills to become the hunter her parents never wanted her to be, which makes Mya a target for Kaofi. To teach the hunters that they’re no longer a threat, the Kaofi must kill Mya before she knows how to use her abilities.

But the shadows have been planning this war long before Mya and Eli decided to taint the natural order; and the worst part of it all? Shadows are the only Kaofi unable to be killed. Unfortunately for Mya, Eli has been a pawn in their little game for a while…

Content Warnings: Violence, Some Homophobia

Kill the seven deadly sins. Defeat the Evil Queen. Take the throne.

Snow White’s entire life has revolved around this quest when she first received magic as a child because she’s the next heir to the throne. But not everyone agrees with her methods of preparation, such as her father.

When Snow lets her anger get the best of her after their fight, the huntsman Luka steps in to save her. Despite defying the damsel role, they embark on the quest, searching Orsadia for the seven sins she must kill before getting to the Evil Queen. Towers, graveyards, carnivals, and underground caves of giant’s bones only scrape the surface of what she’s about to unearth of Orsadia’s history and her own.

Death follows Snow in the shadows where nightmares reside, waiting to destroy those who cross her path. She’s been training half of her life for the moment she wears the crown. Despite the countless hours of wielding a sword, it could never prepare her for the secrets she uncovers about the curse that poisons every queen. If she can’t break it, she’ll become a victim to its dark power.

And oh, blood will most certainly be spilled.